D850 or not?
05 Sep, 2017

D850 or not?

So... it's out... The successor to my current favorite gadget - My Nikon D810 DSLR.

This has been a troublesome time for both the threadscheduler in my brain, and as it turns out: for how I percieve myself.

When the D850 was announced, every gadget lusting neuron in my brain fired so much dopamin at me, that I forgot my own name for several minutes. I could have sworn I was a gone'r right there. Luckily Nikon announces these things before general availabilty, so there's time to cool down and think it over before any drug induced purchase is completed.
This cool down period is also known as the before mentioned "troublesome time". The following two weeks requires the threadscheduler in my brian, to permanently set aside at least one execution unit for technology, feature and performance evaluations, in order to build the enevitable "This is why I need this gadget" arguments list. This list is needed to allow myself the purchase, and to make it look very well thought out for my wife.
Now please remember: I'm a man... We don't have too many parallel execution units to begin with, so setting one aside for this, makes me operate at a substantial less observant and communicative level - Which my wife is no slouch to point out ;-) But what can I do? that's how I was built from the get go.

"every gadget lusting neuron in my brain fired so much dopamin at me, that I forgot my own name for several minutes"

But now comes the really worrying part... After tearing through every article, preview and early review of the D850, there's no doubt that Nikon has a REAL winner on their hands. They have pulled out many of the sales and marked segmentation stops, and made a camera that aside from it's video implementation, really for the first time is a "master of them all".
It has the best AF available, it can shoot up tp 9fps with its 45,7 Mpix, and it has a backside iluminated sensor for better ISO handling than any Nikon below the D4, D4s or D5. That's an impressive feat considering it's massive (and thus small sized) pixel count. Heck, it even has a flipscreen for old people like me :-)
So the "This is why I need this gadget" list was actually not to hard to complete, but... somewhere in the process of building the list, my threadscheduler must have made a mistake! A thread was dispatched to contemplate if I really DID need this upgrade to my D810. The fact that this thread was even scheduled, shows I'm not 20 anymore, but what really horrified me - and now I know I'm really getting old - That evaluation process turned out to win the argument.

Sure, there are lots of things I would love with a D850, but the list of SOLID valueadd is short. For my kind of shooting there's only really two things that makes me lust for the D850:

  • The D5 AF module 
  • The flipscreen

The problem is I'm so continually impressed and in love with my D810 and it's performance, that i still flash a huge smile every time I bring it with me. The IQ and dynamic range is just out of this world. So while those two points certainly has their merrit, it's not a €3700 worth merrit for me.
If i owned any other Nikon camera - including the D5 - I would probably have jumped the D850. I guess that goes to show just how good a camera Nikon made with the D810.

So... I've changed... there's a new and improved gadget that I have decided to skip without:

  • Intermittently reschedule the evaluation thread until I cave in and purchase it anyway.
  • Having to live with the evaluation thread running until the next version of the gadget is released.


A new and improved man indeed :-)